5 Ways to Keep Your Cat at a Healthy Weight

19Is your kitty getting a bit chubby? If so, you’ll want to take steps now to keep Fluffy from becoming overweight or obese. Obesity can contribute to several serious health problems in our feline friends. Cats that are overweight face elevated risks of developing several dangerous medical problems, including heart disease, liver disease, bone/joint disorders, and even cancer. Therefore, keeping your beloved pet at or near her optimal weight is very important! Below, your Shawnee KS veterinarian at Perimeter Veterinary Center discusses how to keep your cat from putting on excessive pounds.


Given our felines’ fondness for sleeping, it’s probably no surprise that a lack of physical activity is one of the main causes of feline obesity. Take time to play with your kitty every day. Even just chasing a catnip mouse or laser pointer for a few minutes can be beneficial!

Watch Portion Control

Keep an eye on your furball’s serving sizes: even eating just a few extra calories a day can make your cat gain weight. The occasional snack is fine, but don’t overindulge Fluffy with fatty treats. Fido may be the begging champion, but our theatrical feline friends can also be pretty persuasive. Don’t feed your furry little diva every time she meows! If you’re not sure how much your kitty should be eating, give us a call and we’ll help you plan your cat’s diet.

Quality Food

Make sure your kitty is eating a good, nutritious diet. Get the best pet food you can afford, which doesn’t always mean the highest priced. Many lower-quality dry food formulas are very high in carbs, which can really make Fluffy pack on the pounds. Ask your vet for specific advice, including portion sizes. Ask us at Perimeter what diet would be ideal for your specific kitty’s needs. Overall, Hill’s/Science Diet remains the most well-balanced pet diet on the market and they have many varieties to fit any of your pet’s needs.

Prevent Boredom

Just like people, cats sometimes snack when they’re bored. Offer Fluffy plenty of fun toys to keep her occupied when she’s alone. Our feline buddies love watching birds and wildlife, so providing your furry friend with a good, comfy window seat can keep her entertained for hours.

Fresh Water

Sometimes cats will eat when they’re thirsty. Make sure your kitty always has plenty of fresh, clean water available. Refilling Fluffy’s bowl at the same time each day will help you monitor her water intake.
Is your cat overweight? Uh oh! Kitties must lose weight slowly in order to drop pounds safely, so don’t put your furry little butterball on a diet without consulting your vet.

Do you know or suspect that your kitty needs to lose weight? Call us at Perimeter Veterinary Center, your local Shawnee KS vet clinic, today!

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