Alternative Therapy

Are you looking for additional therapies that can be used in conjunction with your pet’s regular veterinary care? You are in luck! Here at Perimeter Veterinary Center, we are pleased to offer pet massage and veterinary acupuncture! While alternative therapies shouldn’t replace regular wellness and medical care, they can be hugely advantageous as adjunct tools to maintain a happy, healthy pet.

Therapy Laser Treatment – more information to come!

We now have therapy laser treatments available for pets with osteoarthritis of the joints, spinal disease, nerve pain, neurological deficits, and much more! We’ll be posting more information soon, but if you think your pet may benefit from laser therapy or if you have questions, call us at (913)742-8387.

Pet Massage

Pet Massage

Bree Plaster has teamed up with Perimeter Veterinary Center to provide massage and all its benefits to your pets! Bree has been a massage therapist since 1997 and received her certification as a canine massage provider in 2008 from Pet Massage Training Institute in Ohio. She shares her home with her sweet “Sabra” girl, a beautiful shepherd mix.


The benefits of pet massage include, but are not limited to:

  • relief of stiff muscles and joint discomfort
  • pain management
  • relaxation of dogs with anxiety or hyperexcitability
  • improved circulation
  • improved flexibility and mobility
  • development and maintenance of muscle tone
  • rehabilitation after surgical procedures or traumas

What people have to say about their experience with Bree:

“We were the owners of a one year old female Bullmastiff, Sophie, who required a full knee replacement. The surgery was a success and the veterinarian informed us that whatever progress we saw by six months post-surgery would be the maximum improvement that Sophie could make. In addition, the vet indicated that the other knee would more than likely require the same surgery in the near future for a dog her size. We had met Bree previously at a local pet care facility where she was working. We quickly learned of her work doing massage and range of motion work with dogs. We enlisted her help and she and Sophie got to work. We firmly believe that the weekly sessions helped Sophie’s range of motion, strengthened the leg, and promoted Sophie’s overall wellness. Sophie loved her visits and got really excited when she saw Bree! Another knee surgery was never needed. In fact, we were blessed to have Sophie another 5 years! We are forever thankful to Bree for adding such care to Sophie’s quality of life.” – Judi and Dave Schwartz

“Weekly massages have undoubtedly both improved and extended our Molly dog’s life. In mid-fall, I had done everything possible within the realms of traditional medicine to keep Molly comfortable and mobile. She has advanced arthritis and neurologic instability, causing her back legs to be very weak. Bree began weekly massages and within three weeks Molly’s comfort and mobility, therefore quality of life, had improved beyond what I could measure. I can say without a doubt that massage is the most valuable thing we are doing for Molly’s comfort level now. Molly turned 14 in December and we would not have been able to celebrate that birthday without Bree’s help. I will be eternally grateful for the extra time Bree has given us with Molly. I can confidently recommend that any dog with chronic pain will absolutely benefit from massage.” – our own Dr. Tabatha Regehr

If you think your pet may benefit from massage, give us a call to schedule an appointment to discuss your pet’s needs. Just as we all love a good massage, your pets will too!