Nutrition & Weight Management

Ever hear the old term, “You are what you eat”? That theory has been applied to human nutrition and wellness for decades, but did you know that it’s something that is equally important to our animal companions?

The fact is, the right nutrition and a healthy weight can have a direct impact on your pet’s quality and length of life. Your pet’s diet can do everything from improve movement and performance to help manage a number of medical conditions. Likewise, a healthy weight can keep your companion fit and strong. Yet, unless you’ve received professional training in animal nutrition, it can be challenging to determine for sure if your pet’s diet is truly hitting the mark, and whether the current number on the scale is what it should be.

What you need is the guidance of an expert. Perimeter Veterinary Center offers complete pet nutrition and weight management services. We can develop the perfect plan to help your pet achieve optimum health for life.

We’ll start by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your pet’s current health to determine what his or her specific nutritional needs are. Every animal is different, and what works for one pet may not provide the adequate support for another. We’ll consider a variety of factors, such as your pet’s breed, age, present weight and the existence of any health problems. Once we’ve determined what balance would best suit your companion, we’ll develop a customized diet to help meet those needs.

Next, we’ll focus on your pet’s weight. Many pet owners don’t realize that even if their companion is only a few pounds overweight, he or she may be at a much greater risk of developing a number of serious, sometimes life threatening medical disorders. We’ll combat this risk by determining what weight range would be best for your particular pet, and then create a plan to help achieve and maintain that ideal weight range over time.

Finally, yet equally important, is the ongoing maintenance of your pet’s nutrition and weight management plan. As pets age, their health care needs change, as do their nutritional needs. The vitamins and nutrients needed to sustain a healthy puppy or kitten vary greatly from those that support the ongoing wellness of adult or senior animals. To that end, it’s important that we reassess your pet’s nutritional plan from time to time to ensure that it is still providing the benefits it was originally designed for. If need be, we can adjust your pet’s plan accordingly.

You want what’s best for your pet and so do we! Let us help get them on the path to a lifetime of good nutrition and a healthy weight that will help bring out their very best!