New Year’s Resolutions from Frisky Cats

As we exchange our 2015 calendars for new ones, many of us are making resolutions. If you have a cat, your feisty feline pal may very well try to play with your pen as you’re writing down your new goals. Kitties certainly can be quite mischievous! If Fluffy were to set resolutions, what would those be? Below, a Shawnee, KS vet lists some possible resolutions playful cats might make.

I Will Knock Things Off The Counters For No Reason

We may be experts on giving your cat great care, but, to be honest, we’re still not entirely sure why our feline friends enjoy knocking things off tables and counters so much. Lighters, phones, earrings, and other small objects are all fair game as far as Fluffy is concerned.

I Will Inspect All Empty Boxes… And Anything Else I Can Fit Into

Boxes, suitcases, empty drawers, paper bags … all of these things are great fun for Fluffy to explore!

I Will Perfect My Superior Look

Cats are definitely masters of that smug, self-satisfied look. It’s hard not to be charmed by the sight of Fluffy looking entirely pleased with herself.

I Will Use High-Pressure Tactics To Mollify My People

Have you ever noticed that your furball has a way of acting extra adorable when she’s been a bit mischievous? To Fluffy, high-pressure tactics may very well entail looking cute, cuddling, and offering kitty kisses. Purrs and plaintive meows also help.

I Will Purrfect My Pounce

Playful kitties love to hide behind doors or furniture, and pounce on unsuspecting passers-by. Many times, our feline friends don’t actually bite or scratch during these attacks: jumping out at people, it seems, is half the fun! Fluffy may choose to work on her sneak attacks, or perfect that hilarious butt-wiggle cats do right before they pounce.

I Will Monitor What My Humans Read

Have you ever tried to read a magazine, or perhaps do something online, only to find your kitty sprawled out on your papers or keyboard? Frisky kitties love interrupting us!

I Will Catch That Red Dot

Does Fluffy like playing with a laser pointer? Snagging that elusive spot of light may very well be one of her resolutions!

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your Shawnee, KS animal clinic, for all your frisky cat’s veterinary care needs in 2016. We are here to help!

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