Anxiety in Cats

Is your cat easily frightened and often nervous? Kitties all have their own individual personalities. While some are quite fearless, others can be timid and anxious. If your feline friend is one of the latter, read on for some great tips for dealing with anxiety from  Perimeter Veterinary Center in Shawnee, KS.

Causes of Feline Anxiety

There are many possible causes for feline anxiety. Cats are quite emotional, and can be traumatized by major life changes, such as moving or changing owners. Kitties can also have a hard time accepting the loss or addition of family members, either two-legged or four-legged. Kitties that had bad experiences in the past are also often scarred by those memories. Our feline friends can also develop specific fears and phobias that need to be dealt with properly for a good resolution.

Veterinary Care

Make sure that your cat sees the vet at least twice yearly. Sometimes medical problems can cause kitties to act unusual, so you’ll want to be sure he or she doesn’t have a health issue.

Offer Safe Retreats

To help your bashful pet feel more at ease, make sure that every room in your house offers her at least one hiding place. This can be a pet tent, a kitty condo, a box, or even just a spot behind the couch. The main thing is to give your timid pet a place to go if she feels scared or nervous.


Playing with your cat every day can actually be very beneficial for her. Playing will burn off your nervous furball’s excess energy, leaving you with a calmer kitty. Chasing and batting at toys can also help your anxious cat gain confidence.

Providing A Kitty Haven

Provide Fluffy with lots of cozy napping places, including at least one with a good window view. Kitties can relax much more easily when they’re cozy and comfortable!


Never force attention on a shy kitty. You can call her, and tempt her with toys and treats, but let her approach on her own. Figure out how and when your cat likes to be petted, and indulge her. Your cat may love having her forehead patted, or she may prefer chin rubs. With time, love and patience, your shy furball may come out of her shell.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? Give us a call, Perimeter Veterinary Center in Shawnee, KS at (913)742-8387.

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