Our Team

Dr. Andrea Ferrell
Veterinarian, Owner
Dr. Ferrell’s desire to become a veterinarian started when she was young, partly, of course, because she loved furry critters of all types. As she got older, though, she discovered that she also loved biology and other sciences. Now she gets to live her dream of providing quality care in a welcoming environment as a full-time veterinarian and the co-owner of Perimeter Veterinary Center!

Andrea was born in Oklahoma City, although because of her dad’s Army job her family moved all over. She even spent three years in Germany when she was young. Throughout high school and college, Dr. Ferrell worked in a veterinarian’s office and gained experience in the various things veterinarians do every day. Andrea attended Kansas State University where she received her BS and DVM. In August of 2012, after 11 years of practice, Dr. Ferrell opened Perimeter Veterinary Center along with Dr. Tabatha Regehr. In 2017, Dr. Ferrell took over as sole owner of PVC, but Dr. Regehr remains an excellent resource and reliable and knowledgeable relief veterinarian for Perimeter Veterinary Center.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Ferrell is especially passionate about teaching preventative and wellness care, as well as getting to know her clients and guiding them through all aspects of caring for their four-legged family members. She strives to make visits to Perimeter Veterinary Center a different kind of veterinary experience – they receive no greater compliments than when dogs run in the door with tails wagging or cats readily hop out of their carriers for treats and snuggles.

At home, Andrea has three pets of her own: her two dogs Jiggy and Gidget, who are both under 12 pounds but think they’re Great Danes, and her cat Corey, who loves to snuggle and greets her at the door every day after work. Outside of work, Dr. Ferrell enjoys arts and crafts, and regularly draws and paints. She also enjoys working on her house, jogging, and spending time outdoors.
Dr. Tabatha Regehr
Relief Veterinarian
After working in small animal medicine for 11 years, Dr. Regehr was starting to realize she was looking for something more. Discussing the next stages of her career with Dr. Ferrell over lunch one day, they each decided to make a list of what they wanted out of a practice. When comparing, they discovered both lists were mostly the same! After that, they sought out a builder and a bank and opened the doors of Perimeter Veterinary Center in August of 2012.

Dr. Regehr grew up in Irving, Texas, where her family had horses and dogs. Her love of veterinary medicine was sparked early, and she never looked back. She attended Kansas State University to receive her BS and DVM. After school she practiced emergency medicine and advanced ultrasound for four years before moving to Ohio for her husband’s job. Eventually they moved back to Kansas, and four years later Dr. Regehr opened Perimeter with Dr. Ferrell.

Medically, Tabatha likes behavior and dermatology cases, as well complicated internal medicine. She also enjoys building relationships with clients and their pets, and educating owners on the best care for their companions.

Dr. Regehr has been married to her husband Doug for 14 years. They have one son named Dalton and a daughter named Hadley. The family has two cats, Schwinn and Saba, who are both 14, as well as Idabelle, a Bloodhound who eats anything she doesn’t understand, Leroy, a mixed breed mutt, and Winnie the wild child, chocolate Lab mix.

Dr. Regehr serves on the Board of Directors for the Kansas State University Pet Tribute, a memorial fund that provides student scholarships and research support. Dr. Regehr is treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors of her local library. She’s an avid reader and is also active in her local church. Her most time-consuming hobby is home repair and remodeling, which she shares with her husband.