My Cat Has Lost Her Appetite

Your cat Mimi has always been a delicate eater, nibbling a few bites here and there, but always finishing her food by evening. Lately, though, Mimi hardly touches her food at all, and she seems a little gaunt. Something is causing your sweet Mimi’s weight loss, and you don’t want to risk further complications by leaving her condition untreated. You’ve asked your Shawnee veterinarian to uncover the cause of Mimi’s unexpected weight loss and prescribe a treatment plan.


Anorexic Symptoms

Believe it or not, Mimi and her feline friends can exhibit anorexic symptoms. Along with Mimi’s food avoidance and weight loss, she might have a distended abdomen. Mimi might run a fever and seem uncomfortable. Her eyes may also look a little strange. Mimi’s heart and lung sounds might be harder to hear, and she can also develop shortness of breath.


Underlying Cause

Mimi might have become anorexic while suffering from a disease that makes her avoid food. A respiratory, infectious, autoimmune, neurological, or gastrointestinal ailment might be the culprit. Or, perhaps Mimi has an internal obstruction that prevents her from eating; or she’s experiencing some medication side effects. Maybe Mimi has lost interest in food as she’s gotten older. Finally, Mimi’s routine might have been disrupted by a new pet, a household move, or a brand-new food.


Diagnostic Procedures

Since your vet will perform some feline detective work, she’ll welcome every clue you can give her. Note recent changes in Mimi’s environment, routine, or diet. If Mimi seems to have trouble chewing and swallowing her food, tell her that, too. Also, your vet will likely order blood work and urinalysis tests. She’ll probably take chest and abdomen x-rays, and give Mimi a heartworm check. Finally, she’ll give Mimi a thorough face, neck, nose, mouth, and eye examination.


Tailored Treatment

Once your Shawnee vet discovers why Mimi’s not eating, she’ll treat that underlying problem, and will formulate a well-balanced nutritional plan for your kitty. To make Mimi’s food more enticing, she might increase the food’s protein or fat content, add a flavored topping, or even heat the food to make it smell better. However, if Mimi hasn’t eaten for three days, she might require intravenous feeding.


Finally, keep a close eye on Mimi’s eating habits. Notify your vet if your cat doesn’t start chowing down on her food within 48 hours after her treatment begins.

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