Improve Your Health With Pet Ownership

Your cocker spaniel Maggie is your sweet little ray of sunshine. She licks your face each morning, and reminds you that it’s time for her (and your) morning jog through the neighborhood. Everybody loves Maggie, as she greets humans and other canines with a happy smile and a wagging tail. Your Shawnee veterinarian thinks that Maggie’s daily exercise and regular social engagements make her a pretty well-rounded dog. Not surprisingly, Maggie’s sunny personality also contributes to your physical, emotional, and mental well being.


Social Butterfly

If Maggie applied for a canine social director position, she’d definitely get the job. On your morning runs, Maggie attracts fellow dog walkers and neighbors, who naturally stop to chat a bit. Maggie’s wide-ranging travels often take her through your larger community, where you meet other residents and learn about community social events. Maggie’s also a top-notch social icebreaker at the dog park and farmer’s market, as she attracts a constant flow of visitors with her friendly, affectionate nature.


Mood Changer

You’ve had a black cloud hanging over your head all day. Your carefully planned schedule went by the wayside, as your colleagues cancelled appointments and you forgot about a meeting yourself. On your way home, your car made that trademark “ker-thump” flat tire noise. Finally, you got the tire changed and made your way home, ready to curl up on the couch with a book. However, Maggie doesn’t care that you want to be left alone. She greets you with her trademark smile, rocketing around the room as she looks forward to her evening walk. How can you resist that joyful display from the sweet little dog who loves you? You can’t. Your bad mood vanishes, replaced by a silly smile as you grab Maggie’s leash and head for the door.


Pain Reliever

Perhaps you experience frequent pain, especially the discomfort from a chronic condition that affects your quality of life. The pain puts you on edge and sometimes makes you a bit anxious. Maggie often curls up next to you, reducing your anxiety level as you gently scratch her head. Once your anxiety decreases, your pain becomes less noticeable.


Finally, it seems that your daily dose of Maggie’s affection, or maybe your cat Susie’s serenity, might be helping to improve your overall health. You can’t wait to share your surprising secret with your Shawnee vet. Then again, perhaps he already knows.

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