Your Kitty’s Fur

Your cat’s fur is one of the things that makes her unique. Our feline friends come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and they are all super cute. No matter what color your furball is, she probably grooms herself daily to keep that pretty coat soft and shiny. In this article, your local veterinarian Shawnee discusses your kitty’s fur.


Some kitties are less than happy about being bathed, to put it mildly. This isn’t just stubbornness on Fluffy’s part. Cats actually do have good reasons to fear water. Kitty’s fur emits a strong scent when it gets wet, which could have attracted predators when she lived in the wild. Also, currents can be very dangerous for kitties, so Fluffy may have learned long ago to be cautious around rivers and streams, which could also hide predators. Even if your cat does tolerate baths, you don’t want to overdo it, as bathing your cat too often can strip the oils from her fur and leave that shiny coat looking dull. If your furball is a kitten, it isn’t a bad idea to get her used to being bathed, just in case anything ever happens that would necessitate a bath, such as a run-in with a skunk.


Cats are generally very meticulous about keeping themselves clean. Your furball might spend hours each day grooming herself, but that doesn’t mean she can’t use some help. Brushing your cat will not only help her remove dead hair, dander, and tangles, it will reduce the likelihood of these things ending up as icky hairballs on your carpet. You may need to experiment with different brushes and tactics for brushing your furball. Ironically, you might discover that the brush Fluffy hates the most is the one that works best. You can get around this by breaking your brushing sessions into short sessions, incorporating them with cuddle time, and following up with a treat.


All kitties shed, though some shed more than others do. Kitties with long fur don’t necessarily shed more than those with short hairstyles. The type of your cat’s fur and her environment will both influence how much she sheds. Cats with outdoor access often shed more than indoor kitties, as they have more exposure to seasonal changes that trigger shedding. Brushing Fluffy won’t stop her from shedding, but it will trap that dead fur in a brush, so it doesn’t end up stuck to your carpets, clothes, or furniture. During peak shedding times, which are generally fall and spring, brush your cat every day.

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