Getting Your Home Ready for a Puppy

You’ve finally decided on a new puppy to bring home to your excited family. Make sure the transition goes smoothly by getting your home ready! Below, a Shawnee veterinarian advises you on doing so.

Puppy-Proof the House

Your first step may be to prepare your home’s décor itself for the arrival of that little tornado ball of fluff. Think about where the puppy will be spending most of its time. Remove any breakable items or valuables, tape down or hide any loose cords or wires, lock away any hazardous chemicals, cleaning supplies, or toxic foods, and set up puppy gates or even baby gates to enclose your pup’s area. You may want to remove anything else you think your pup might decide to chew on.

If you have other pets already in the house, you might want to set up a separate room for them at first. Introducing new animals can be risky, and it’s best to take things slowly. Consult your veterinarian for help with this.

Get Supplies

Make sure you have all your puppy supplies before you bring the dog home. Food, dishes, toys, treats, doggie bed, a leash and collar, ID tags, a traveling crate, and anything else you’ll need should already be set up. Take your time and make absolutely sure you have everything you’ll need—don’t be afraid to check with your Shawnee veterinary professional to ask about any key items you may have forgotten.

Make Sure All Family Members Know the Protocol

It’s important to make all family members aware of the protocol for your new puppy. Information about feeding, playtime, bathroom breaks, commands, and house rules all must be communicated. If one member of the family uses one command to get your puppy to sit, and everyone else uses a different one, your puppy will never learn! Have a family meeting to discuss the puppy’s rules.

Your veterinarian can advise you further on ways to prepare your home and family for the arrival of your new puppy. Be safe, be smart, and have fun!


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