Dangerous Spots for Your Cat – Inside Your Home!

Cats have a way of getting into mischief—even inside the walls of your home! Learn about a few of the more hazardous spots indoors as your Shawnee veterinarian discusses them here.

Laundry Room

To pets, especially cats, an open washer or dryer unit might look like a quiet, dark space to take a nap—especially if there are warm clothes inside. If you don’t see the cat in there and start a cycle, the results could be deadly. Always shut washer and dryer doors tightly, and check inside before you start a load of laundry.


The kitchen has many potential pet hazards—hot surfaces like stoves, ovens, coffeepots, toasters, boiling water, not to mention poisonous people food like chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, or avocados. There are also sharp edges all around, from knives to can openers to cheese graters. Keep sharp objects stored away, put dangerous foods in the refrigerator or a sealed cabinet, and keep your pet off of tables and countertops.


Some pets, especially kittens, could fall into an open toilet when they’re trying to sneak a drink of water. In addition, medicines, cleaning products, and personal hygiene items could present hazards if your pet tries to nibble at them. Keep all hazardous materials inside a closet or bathroom cabinet.


Open windows present a hazard to cats, who can accidentally fall out of them. Even if windows are screened, a loose or torn screen could send a cat tumbling. Make sure every window in your home has a sturdy screen, or only open your windows a crack to prevent any falls.


Fireplaces are another dangerous place in the home. Pets love to curl up next to them to stay warm, but they could burn themselves if they get too close or accidentally wag a tail through the flame. Any sudden loud noise could scare your pet into contacting the fire, too. Make sure fireplaces are screened, and don’t let your pet sleep too close to it.

These are only a few potential hazard spots inside your walls—contact your Shawnee veterinarian to ask about more.


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