Making an Older Cat More Comfortable

Is your cat entering her golden years? Perhaps she’s already there. Learn how to make her life easier and more comfortable with these tips from a veterinarian at Perimeter Veterinary Center.

Help Groom

Since it’s probably harder for your older cat to stretch and twist like she once did, you can do her a favor by helping groom her. Brush your cat daily if necessary—ask your veterinarian about a good brush to use, as well as the proper technique.

Helping your pet with grooming is especially helpful for arthritic cats, who may experience pain when they try to groom themselves. Consult your vet for more advice on helping arthritic pets.

Litter Box Tips

Older cats may begin to have trouble getting in her litter box. Make sure her litter box is placed in an easily-accessible area; don’t make her trudge up and down the stairs every time she has to go. Consider putting multiple litter boxes around the house, perhaps one on each floor.

Also make sure the sides of the litter box are low enough that your cat can easily jump in. Many older cats stop using the litter box simply because it’s painful or difficult to jump up into it. A lower-sided box may help.

Make Water Accessible

Getting plenty of hydration is even more important as your cat enters her senior years. Make sure there is always cool, fresh water available to your cat. Put a dish in various spots around the house so your cat always has access.

Provide Warm Bed

What pet doesn’t like a soft, warm bed to curl up in at the end of the day? A warm area will feel great to your cat, especially if she’s suffering from arthritis pain. Provide a soft bed with plenty of warm blankets. You may even consider an orthopedic bed to provide further support. Ask your veterinarian about your options for cat bedding.

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