Choosing the Right Leash for Your Dog

With the variety of different dog leashes available for purchase today, you might wonder which kind is the best for your pooch. Use these guidelines from a Shawnee veterinarian to help you decide!


The classic standard leash will work well on most dog breeds. They’re generally around six feet long, although they may be slightly shorter or longer, and are most often made of nylon. They’re widely available—go to any pet supply store, retail store, or a vet’s office to pick one up. All you have to do is attach the clasp fixture to your dog’s collar and you’re ready to walk.


The long leash is, well, longer than the standard leash—much longer. Long leashes can be up to 50 feet in length, although most dog owners probably won’t need it. A more typical long-leash stretches from 10 to 20 feet. These let your dog walk far out in front of you, and they’re most often used as training tools. Walking your dog on the street with a long leash could prove hazardous, as he could get into something dangerous or wander into the street if you’re not careful.


On a retractable leash, the leash itself extends from a spring-loaded handle, unwinding as your dog walks away from you. There is a button on the handle that allows you to stop the cord from unwinding when you don’t want your dog to go any further. Many dog owners like these leashes, but they can be risky if your dog decides to bolt after a chipmunk or squirrel—the cord can quickly unwind before you’ve had a chance to stop it, and some poorly-made cords could even break. Ask your Shawnee vet if a retractable leash might be right for your dog.


A bungee leash is made of rubber or other elastic material. This allows the leash to stretch out like a bungee cord, minimizing the tug on your dog’s neck as he pulls on the leash. If your dog is properly leash-trained, he shouldn’t pull on the leash too much anyway, but a bungee leash might work well for you and your pet.

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