Defeating Doggy Smell

Man’s Best Friend has many wonderful qualities. He’s loyal, loving, devoted, protective, and adorable, to name a few. Unfortunately, smelling good isn’t always one of Fido’s charms. If your canine buddy tends to leave a not-so-pleasant reminder of his presence in the air, you’ll appreciate these tips from your Shawnee vet on defeating doggy smells.


First and foremost, to avoid having your home smell like dog, you’ll need to keep your canine pal smelling good. This means regular bathing. Some dogs need weekly baths to keep from getting stinky, while others can go longer. Of course, if your furry pal’s idea of a good time is rolling around in the dirt, he’ll need frequent baths! Try a dry doggy shampoo to keep Fido smelling nice between his baths.

Dental Care

If Fido has bad breath, there’s a good chance that his teeth need attention. Dental care is very important to your furry pal’s health and well-being. The best way to ensure Fido’s mouth in good shape is to brush his teeth. If he won’t go for that, dental treats and chew toys will help keep his mouth clean.

Lavender Oil

Perfumes and dyes can be dangerous for dogs, but lavender oil is generally safe for our canine pals. Rub a few drops into his skin, or use an organic spray to spritz his bed and any stinky rooms. Bonus: lavender oil also helps repel fleas and ticks.

Freshen Bedding

Fido probably loves his bed, and chances are, he spends a good amount of time napping in it. Keeping his bedding clean will definitely help cut down odors. Beds with removable covers are easiest to maintain, as you can just toss the covering into the wash. If his bed doesn’t have a cover, vacuum it frequently, and put a washable blanket on it.

Ear Care

Sometimes dogs get ear infections, which can smell foul. Keep Fido’s ears clean. If your pooch is rubbing at his ears, or if you’ve noticed his ears stink, have your vet examine him.


Your vacuum is an invaluable tool in the fight against doggy odors. Vacuum frequently to remove dog fur from your carpets and furniture. This will also help fight fleas!

Does your dog need a checkup? Is Fido due for shots? Please contact us, your Shawnee vet clinic, for all your pet care needs.

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